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Musculoskeletal diagnostics is the gateway to any further work with your body. Diagnosis by a physiotherapist is the cornerstone of our work, which is why we take extra care with it. You can use it as a tool to prevent injuries, improve your training or check your progress.

The musculoskeletal system under the supervision of experts

Are you suffering from muscle imbalances after an injury or as a result of incorrect stereotypes? Do you have weakened or shortened limb muscles , chronic back pain ? We choose for you the forms of diagnosis that best correspond to your problems and goals. We use the protocols of world-renowned concepts of analytical diagnostics – NeuroKinetic Therapy, the mechanical concept of the Mulligan concept, as well as the traditionally used Functional Muscle Test and the McKenzie method. The goal is to choose a diagnosis that matches your ideas and needs. We will then prescribe appropriate physiotherapy to help you resolve the identified problem.

Diagnosis of the body

In addition, when working with active people and athletes, we use comprehensive functional tests to verify the functioning of the musculoskeletal system under load. Diagnosis is the first step to understanding and successfully working with the musculoskeletal system. Book your initial diagnostic appointment today and find out more about your body!

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