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Did you know that massage is the most recognized type of complementary therapy worldwide? It is also the oldest and most effective therapeutic technique. It is used both preventively or in the treatment of pre-existing problems. It has been proven in practice that blood circulation has an effect on metabolism, skin, muscles, nerves, blood vessels and cells.

The greatest interest is in classical back massage for pain and stress relief. Today’s life brings civilization diseases, even children suffer from back pain. Work brings mental and physical exhaustion, which takes a toll on health, and a high percentage of people have problems with their spine and stiff muscles. That is why it is important to blood the muscles, release spasms and indulge in quality relaxation and regeneration. For maximum effect, we recommend combining massage with movement therapy and an examination to determine where and how best to help our clients.


Sports massage, like classical massage, has its own rules and set of applied strokes. It is ideal for active people with a dynamic lifestyle and for athletes. Sports massage is divided into stimulating and soothing. Stimulating sports massage prepares you for sports or work performance. It is popular not only with athletes, but also with people who run away from work and have a busy day ahead of them. It is the ideal start to a busy working day.


Pregnancy massage is an individual therapy for women that can be used during all months of pregnancy and after childbirth. Massage for pregnant women ensures physical and mental relaxation and makes this often difficult period more pleasant.
During a pregnancy massage, tension in the body and muscles is released, fatigue is overcome and lost energy is regained.
Massage for pregnant women is individually tailored to each client, according to the stage of pregnancy. The emphasis is on comfort, the feelings of the person being massaged and of course the state of health. Massage will provide relief to the body subjected to excessive stress. The result is a new feeling of strength and freshness. Pregnancy massage is also a great gift for the mom-to-be, who will surely appreciate it.

Trigger points

Each massage is combined with the release of “trigger points”. Most people perceive trigger points, aka trigger points, as stiff lumps or knots in the muscles that can cause pain in more distant places. For example, a trigger point in the trapezius muscles can create referred pain to the head and trigger or aggravate a migraine.
Symptoms of trigger points:

  • Feeling of stiffness of the affected muscle
  • Weakening of the muscle
  • Pain radiating with certain movements
  • Vegetative changes in the pain radiating zone (local redness, sweating, goosebumps)
  • Depth sensitivity disorders
  • Balance disorders and dizziness
  • Change in motoneuron activity and increased irritability
  • Poorer muscle coordination

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