Restore the physiological functions of the body thanks to individual physiotherapy. Exercises, massages, physio techniques for gaining mobility for children and adults. Make an appointment for physiotherapy in our PhysioCentre.


When designing the therapy, we rely on world trends in the field of diagnostics and prevention, such as NeuroKinetic Therapy, Mulligan concept, DNS or NMS. Thanks to this, they can effectively fight both acute and chronic problems that have accumulated in the body over many years as a result of your demanding lifestyle.
In addition to treatment, we also focus on prevention of problems using methodologies ranging from the SM-system to HSS (deep stabilization system) exercises to elements of “core training”.

Is physiotherapy suitable for you?

Physiotherapy is suitable for children with incipient musculoskeletal problems such as flat feet, scoliosis, sports injuries or congenital and developmental disorders. We look closely at proper posture, muscle imbalances after injury, weakened and shortened muscles.
It will also help people of working age whose workload is beginning to take its toll in the form of both mild and intense pain. Rehabilitation is an essential part of both post-operative treatment and recovery from injury. Physiotherapy helps seniors to alleviate and eliminate problems that have been accumulating for many years. It is the basis for self-sufficiency and improved quality of life.

What does physiotherapy look like in our centre?

1) We identify the root cause of the problem and choose a “tailor-made” approach for each individual client.

2) We apply the most effective methods and means, such as soft techniques, massage, banking, various exercise methodologies (SM system, DNS – Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization, ACT, …), taping, electrotherapy and targeted strengthening of weakened muscles.

3) We will explain everything you need to know and recommend the next steps. Thanks to a lot of training in methodologies from all over the world and the experience gained during years of practice, we will suggest the best way to proceed for maximum effect from the therapy.

Better than 1000 words is once seen:

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