Myths are probably unavoidable in any area of our lives. Some of them are just harmless half-truths that accumulate over generations. Everyone adds some of their feelings and assumptions. We have no idea how, and suddenly a large portion of the population takes them to be universally true. However, many of these myths and half-truths can put your health at risk. That’s why today we’ve focused on 5 of the most common myths you may encounter in the field of physiotherapy. We also add one bonus that will definitely catch your attention. Let’s do it together. 

1. Myth: A stiff back needs to be stretched 
“They’re just stiff muscles. Stretch properly and it will go away.” We can’t even count how many times we’ve heard that phrase. A sedentary lifestyle has brought about many problems and one of them is back pain. The truth is that stretching and massage won’t solve your back pain problem, because several factors are responsible for it. The muscle tightness itself has several causes – general weakness, muscle stiffness and weakness of certain muscle groups. With back pain can help you only overall and correct diagnosis. 

2. Myth: It just needs to crack on and fix it 
In movies, we often see that pain can be eliminated with a few simple movements accompanied by a spectacular pop. In reality, however, it is not that simple. Joint manipulation (chiropractic) is extremely popular because it promises quick relief. However, it is a short-term relief that can become addictive. It should always be part of a comprehensive therapy that is carried out under the supervision of a trained professional and in which it is linked to an examination, manual muscle relaxation and exercise. You should not put your health in the hands of anyone without the appropriate education. 

3. Myth: Massage will solve back problems 
Massage is an ideal form of relaxation that even strengthens the immune system. It can become one form of your therapy, but you shouldn’t rely on it alone. A true professional knows how to incorporate massage into your therapy to maximize its impact. However, it certainly does not build only on benefits of one type. A specific group is  pregnant women, where the massage is specially adapted, so that it is not a risk but a pleasant relaxation.

4. Myth: The pop-up disc can be easily replaced 
Believe us, all of us wish life was that simple. You definitely can’t pitch a popped disc the way it’s presented. The anatomy of the disc represents the union of the ligamentous envelope with the nucleus, which has a gel-like consistency. Its popping can be likened to a burst or bulging tyre. The first time you look at a tyre, you realise that you can’t just fix it – and the situation is the same with a rim. You simply can’t just put it back in place. Often the pain is caused by a functional disorder in the form of the way the muscles and joints function. It is ideal to seek a specialist who  will accurately identify the cause of the problem and suggest a suitable solution. 

5. Myth: If it hurts, definitely do not exercise with it and do not move 
Rest is often extremely helpful. But we have come to rely on it in all situations. We have even diagnosed in many ways i Pregnancy as a disease in which nothing must be done. The truth is that the right movement will not only help you work with the pain and gradually eliminate it, but even prevent it. Rely on an expert to show you how to properly Move.

+1 Myth: Finger cracking destroys joints 
The calm waters of this myth were stirred by a study in California, which compared the condition of the joints of individuals cracking their knuckles in just one hand. Interestingly, no significant difference was found between the joints on the two hands. Nevertheless, we recommend you not to push your luck unnecessarily. We still have too little evidence in this case.

The key is not to try to deal with every pain-related problem on your own. Seek the help of an experienced physiotherapist who will suggest a treatment that meets your needs